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The Dark Truth about Hyperpigmentation

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Sun exposure and hormonal fluctuations produce an abnormal amount of melanin, which is responsible for skin hyperpigmentation or darkening. The prefix “hyper” means “excessive” pigmentation caused by melanocytes which are responsible for skin’s colour which deposit excess pigment into the deeper layers of the skin. This can cause unwanted sunspots, age spots, hormone induced melasma, and an uneven skin tone.

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Hyperpigmentation is a challenging skin condition to treat, and it can be caused by multiple different ways. The three basic reasons for hyperpigmentation are primary Hyperpigmentation Disorders such as melasma, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation which as caused from the skin healing from another inflammatory condition such as acne, lastly hyperpigmentation that is a result of Chronic Sun Exposure.

Hyperpigmentation is a response, so you want to treat the cause.

In my clinic I have had incredible results with the Vivier Hyperpigmentation Protocol. It is a 12-week protocol which uses various Vivier medical grade skin care products to prepare, treat, target, and protect skin.

Before initiating the Hyperpigmentation Protocol, all patients start with a TX Jessner Plus Peel to remove superficial layers of skin, dry out active acne, dislodge blackheads, reduce shallow wrinkling and scaring, lighten hyperpigmentation and improve the overall appearance and health of sun damaged, acne prone, aging skin.

The first phase in the process is to cleanse and detox the skin. In this phase, it is normal for patients to see some effects from the purging and detoxification of the skin before it starts to rejuvenate,

In Phase II, the patient’s skin is more tolerant and most of the potential skin responses have dissipated. There is a visible reduction in dark spots, uneven skin tone and texture and aging skin.

At the final stage, and at the 12-week mark, the patient cycles off of the Advanced Skin Lightening Serum and the Corrector 2 and replaces them with the Radiance Serum and the Skin Brightening Cream.

I also recommend micro-needling with or without PRP to provide to the ultimate solution for Hyperpigmentation.

The most important treatment and maintenance for dark spots is sunscreen. Diligent daily sun protection every day, and not only on high exposure days is key to reducing the appearance of brown spots. My personal favourites are Sheer Broad-Spectrum SPF 45 and the convenient powder Sunforgettable® Enviroscreen™ Brush On Shield.


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