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Look 10 Years Younger During your Lunch Break

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Noticeable changes to the face are inevitable as we age. Leading a healthy lifestyle will contribute to how quickly those changes will occur, however, the little things we do everyday will eventually show up on our face. A combination of Botox® and Dermal Fillers can restore the volume lost with aging and reduce and soften wrinkles. Without invasive surgery and no downtime patients can look 10 years younger in less that 30 minutes with an experienced aesthetic injector.

It is necessary for your aesthetic injector to understand the aging process and what happens to our faces with volume, bone loss and skin laxity. Restoring volume loss can take years off your appearance. Working with an experienced injector makes all the difference to enhance your features and achieve subtle and natural looking results.

10 years younger in 30 minutes with Botox

While many people would assume that they need to worry about the signs of aging in their 40’s and 50s, the slowdown of collagen and elastin production usually starts at the age of 25. Collagen reduction can impact everyone differently. Some patients will see an extreme loss of volume and definition in the face, while others may notice frown lines, laugh lines, and crow’s feet.

Dermal fillers can last up to two years depending on the treatment area and the type of dermal filler that is being used.

A common misconception of dermal fillers is that they will freeze your face and look unnatural. An experienced injector will evaluate the three major elements of the face: Foundation, Contouring, and Finishing Touches.

My patients frequently hear me talking about this during their consultation. I use the analogy of building a house. The foundation is the walls and structure, and the finishing touches are the light fixtures and chandeliers.

During your consultation, you and our experienced aesthetic injector can come up with a customizable treatment plan and collaboratively decide where the best application of filler is for your face. Looking 10 years younger using Botox® and fillers is a combination of smoothing wrinkles while filling in areas of volume loss. For most of my patients, their goal is to not create a dramatic makeover, rather they want to achieve a healthier appearing, well rested version of themselves.



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